I'm a geek, Linux enthusiast, developer, designer. Interested in InfoSec and open source software.

Feel free to hit me up on Mastodon if you want to get in touch.

For more private communication, please add me on XMPP at ashpex(at) or send me an PGP encrypted email to ashpex(at)

The below links are my current identities online, if not linked to here, assume it is in fact not me.


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Blog posts

2019.10.20 ❯ Migrating my blog
2018.07.24 ❯ Setup Travis CI for Rust Diesel project
2018.07.24 ❯ JSON and GO

Personal projects

Collection of Android FOSS Apps
A bunch of free linux games
Contributing to LibreTorrent - an Android Torrent client
Dotfiles - my personal dotfiles